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Claves Provides a unique burglary protection system "Claves Top-security system" where strong mechanical components in the doors, locks co-operate with the shellprotection of the walls, floor, roof etc. In addition attention is payed to special demands for the fire-escape security. The strong mechanical components are combined with electronic security functions and electronic indication. The total concept also includes accurate installations, rigorous key handling and around the clock emergency service. Total security concept and quality consciousness are the characteristics of Claves.

Claves has long experience from classified burglary protected constructions. Among Claves customers are private persons as well as authority and industries. Claves develops constantly its own products and have had these tested, classified and certified according to current Swedish and Norwegian norms and standards, which are accepted by the authorities, institutions and also by the insurance companies according to current insurance conditions. Claves operates in the security-market sins 1980, Claves operates through Claves International AB , Nacka Sweden.

Our mains products are:

  • Claves SBSC ABs(I*) Certified(II*) "lock-units" for multi-point locking/system with application for new doors as well as already installed doors.
  • Lock-products from CR-serrature SPA, Torino. (gruppo "SECURIDEV) for which Claves International AB has the General agency in Finland, Norway and Sweden.
  • ”Security Package” for the reinforcement of existing doors, also "Claves Gridgate" equipped with Claves SBSC Abs(I*) Certified(II*) "lock-units" for multi-point locking/system.
  • Special Claves Multipoint locksystems, combined with SIS SAQ (III*)Approved "Combination/Code-locks both mechanical type as" S&G8550MP", as well as electronic type: "LA GARD COMBOGARD 33E".

We also provides

  • Burglar resistant SBSC ABs(I*) Certified ( IV*)and classified steeldoors for class 2, 3, 4. equipped with Claves SBSC ABs(I*) Certified (II*) "lock-units" for multi-point locking/system.
  • Archive doors, Security archives doors also bullet and blowpressure -protected doors, industrial doors which can be fitted with different types of Claves multi-point locking/systems.
  • Aluminumdoors /steeldoors -frames, equipped with Claves SBSC ABs(I*) Certified class 5 (II*) "lock-units" for multi-point locking/system.
  • Steeldoors, Aluminum doors, Wooden doors , Fire escape -doors equipped with european cylinder profile multi-point locksystem.
  • High-security steel doors especiallymade for Claves by Scandinavian manufacturers.
  • Special burglary protection systems.

”Claves” is a registered trademark.

Clavs International AB is
- a member of the ARGE trough FLB, Swedish association of manufacturers of safety boxes and cabinets, locks and builders hardware and SSF, Swedish Theft Prevention Association.
- a partner of Swedish Standards Institute

I*) SBSC AB Swedish Fire & Security Certification Company, a subsidiary Company of Swedish Teft Prevention Association and Swedish Fire Prevention Association. SBSC AB is a member of EFSG.

II*) Certification according to ISO 1992 System No. 1 . Annex D Certifications and related Activities, for class 5 according to Swedish Standard SS3522 (class 1-5 there 5 is the highest class). Claves SBSCB AB certified Lock-unit can be accepted for room locking in protection class 3 according to Insurance company Rules for mechanical burglar resistance RUS 200. In Norway , the mentioned Claves lock-unitare approved by "FG"-Försäkringsellskapenes Godkjennelsenevnd (The Norwegian Insurance Association) .

III*) SIS SAQ Referensce Group for locks, has approved mentioned locks to be used together with SIS SAQ certified and marked security cabinet, freestanding-safe according to SS3492, SS3493, the locks are estimated acoording to rules in the"Bilaga2 till SBC 158", the locks are also approved for safe-unit, strong-room according to the rules in the SBC 918, 919, and 920 also INSTA 610, 611,and 612.

IV*) Certification according to ISO 1992 System No. 5 . Annex D Certifications and related Activities, for class 2, 3, 4 according to Swedish Standard SS817345 (class 1-4 there 4 is the highest class). SBSC AB is a member of EFSG.

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