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June 2009

CLAVES CLASS 5 LOCK-LEVER-LOCK Fulfil demands according to SS 3522:3 and TR 29(SK New Method) without that any changes in the locks has been required

After the mediatic events in Autumn 2008, which focused on the new manipulation methods and the fact that SBSC AB (*1) (The Swedish Fire and Security Certification Company) demanded new Re-test of all certificated cylinder locks and lever locks, according to the New Method, for the continuance of the validity of the certificate (*2) after the 28th of February 2009, Claves International AB have Re-tested theirs locks and hereby shown that these fulfils the today’s required demands.

Re-testing at SSF-testing lab (*3)
CLAVES locks have been manipulation Re-tested from SSF with the New Method, according to SS 3522 version 3 and SIS-TR29, with positive result. This without that any changes in the locks have been required.

According to the Swedish lock industry recommendation we change though the marking of the CLAVES locks, lever locks.

The Marking on the CLAVES locks it is constituted of the model designation + U3 TR29. For the respective model see Fig 1.

Lock Designation Punched Label Lock forend Marked Label Lock Case
KL5”CLAVES”- 2200I KL5”CLAVES”- 2200I   U3 TR29 Lock Cap
KL5”CLAVES”- 2250I KL5”CLAVES”- 2250I   U3 TR29 Lock Cap
”CLAVES”- 2300U ”CLAVES”- 2300U   U3 TR29 Lock Cap

All above mentioned CLAVES locks lever locks fulfil the demands for approved component and can be part of APPROVED LOCK-SET.

APPROVED LOCK-SET is constituted of lock Lever lock, reinforced plate, and lock plate
CLAVES APPROVED LOCK SET in class 5, can be constituted for ex. Of CLAVES lock lever lock KL5”CLAVES”-2200I, together with CLAVES reinforced plate CLAVES-NI22Y and CLAVES-NI22I and also locking plate CLAVES-42SS5.

CLAVES APPROVED LOCK SET in class 5, can be used when customer CLAVES APPROVED LOCK SET requirement, insurance condition or authority requirements prescribe APPROVED LOCK SET

Guides Listing, Precautionary Guidelines etc.
CLAVES locks, lever locks, CLAVES reinforced plates and CLAVES locking plate are listed, in Sweden at SSF-Security guide, at SBSC AB and as such Recommended by The FF (*4) in Norway at FG (*5) and in Denmark at F&P (*6) Forsikring & Pension.

Industry, companies, authorities and private persons use CLAVES locks since 1980, in Scandinavia and Finland.

*1 = SBSC AB Swedish Fire and Security Certification Company member of EFSG (European Fire and Security Group).
*2 = Certificate

Certification according to ISO 1992 System No. 1. Annex D Certifications and related Activities, for class 5 according to Swedish Standard SS3522 ver.3 (class 1-5 there 5 is the highest class).

*3 = SSF-testing lab Swedish Theft Prevention Association Testing Lab.
*4 = FF FörsäkringsFörbund: Swedish Insurance Federation
*5 = FNH/FG Forsikringensselskapenes Godkjennelsenevnd, Finansnäringens Hovdeorganisatjon: “Approval Committee” of the Norwegian Financial Services Association.
*6 = F&P Forsikrings & Pension: Danish Insurance Association


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